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Owl Scholar Academy

Kindergarten-5th Grade Camps

Upcoming Fall Camps:

We are exited to offer a full day camp dedicated to helping your Digital Learner. This program is for parents who opted in Digital Academy or Virtual School Programming. Our Owl Academy Camp will provide supervision, assignment support, and tutoring by certified teachers. Our goal is to ensure that your learner has their work completed and also understand the vasts concepts that are being taught online. Spaces are limited.  


In addition to completing daily course work assignments your learner will engage in our Seasonal Camp activity and programming. Our Seasonal camps provide a wide range of benefits to youth, families, and communities. These benefits include:

  • Boosted academic performance

  • Reduction of at- risk behaviors

  • Increased physical activity

  • A safe, structured environment

  • Improved classroom behavior

  • Good dietary habits

  • Improved leadership skills

Through our Seasonal Camps our team provides hands on opportunities for youth to apply academic and life skills. Youth also engage in Tutoring, STEM, Financial Literacy, Leadership, Art and Culture Appreciation, and Character Education Programs. 

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