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Through specialized and qualified staff the preschool facility is able to utilize research-based curriculum coupled with smaller class sizes to ensure that academic and enrichment services are effectively provided to students.

Our goal is to lay a solid foundation where students are employing reading, writing, socio-emotional skills prior to matriculating to the K-12 education system.

For our Seasonal and After-School Camps, we are committed to ensuring students do not lose the core skills developed during the school year.

Our Lesson Plans engage your School Age student in the following areas:








Click the links below to access information about our classrooms. 

  • Anti-Bullying

  • Vocabulary

  • Spanish

  • Literacy

  • Math

  • Financial Literacy 

  • Art & World Appreciation 

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

  • Service Learning (Community Service)

  • Physical Education

  • Enrichment Activities

  • Life Skills

building blocks.jpeg

Little Owls

6 months- 1year old

Owl Explorer.png

Owl Explorers

1- 2 years old

Kids Paint.png

Owl Navigators

2- 3 years old

Wise Owls.png

Wise Owls

3-4 years old

Dr Whooo.png

Dr. Whooo

4-5 years old

Owl Scholar Academy.png

Owl Scholar Academy

Kindergarten- 5th grade camp

Our Programs
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